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My first Shabbat service

So technically it was two different sessions, a Tefilla(prayer) Friday evening and then Torah service Saturday but still. Anyway, really just wanted to share this experience of mine now that I’m back home.

It really went well, much better than I first thought it would be. Considering that this was my first time being a part of something like that for well over a decade, maybe even longer as a young child in Israel I was a bit worried that I would be unable to get the hang of it, but nope I really got into it all, reading and singing the prayers in Hebrew, rusty as it may be and even had a chance to say a prayer in Hebrew for the state of Israel by the end of the Torah service as well after over a week of practicing, if only I did not suddenly get nauseous in the middle of service then it would have been even better lol.

After well over a year of having my interest in Judaism grow and fester at the back of my mind, wondering whether to do something or anything about this growing interest, after this weekend I think it’s fair to say I will go on and try to involve myself more in my Jewish part and see where it will lead me from there.

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