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My father passed away and I’ve been asked to write the headstone. I need help writing the hebrew dates so as to coincide with how it’s written on my mother’s headstone. Can someone help?

Hi all – pretty much exactly what the title states. My father lived from August 31,1951 – July 15, 2021, I dragged my feet on getting the headstone figured out (which, yes, I do feel shame about), and I really want to get it right. I have everything figured out but the date.

I’d like the stone to basically mirror the headstone for my mother, but I’m out of practice on my Hebrew. This is how the dates are written on her headstone, in English and Hebrew. For a few (mostly silly) reasons I don’t feel totally comfortable asking for help from my family.

Can some kind soul on this site help me to write the date so that it is formatted the same way as the Hebrew date on my mother’s? I’ll likely be deleting this post after I have the answer to get rid of identifying information.

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