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My daughters reform gerut invalidated after over a year.

Shalom friends, I’m looking for opinions, support, advice or any contribution on this topic. All schools of thought and streams of Judaism are invited to discuss!

Long story short, I’m a descendant of a Jewish grandfather on my mothers side. My father married a Jewish woman, whose family I was lucky enough to be welcomed into. They celebrated the major Jewish holidays to bring family together, etc.

At around 18 I started researching Judaism and my own ancestry and at 25 decided to join the greatest nation/culture/people ever known to exist! After many hurdles in life I accomplished my goal along with 3 of my children. Mazel tov 🎉 right? 2 of my children I have some custody of as their mother had her parental rights stripped, the other, my youngest daughter’s mother and I agreed to raise her as a Jew. All this was explained to the Bet Din, no questions asked.

A while after the mikveh I asked for our certificates to be sent to my home. I was asked for the address I wanted them sent to and told they would be on the way and also registered on file in Cleveland,but they were never sent. It was all during covid and I didn’t want to be a bother, so I wait to ask again..

About eight months later I ask again, this time mentioning that I need them for legal proceedings in family court as a measure to ensure that I am able to continue to raise my daughter the way she has been so far.

I received all the certificates… My youngest daughter’s was written with a sharpie over it saying “DID NOT HAVE MOTHERS PERMISSION” the names of the Bet Din crossed out. Also, nothing was ever registered like I was told, I checked.

This is traumatizing and now has so many potential affects in our lives.

I did have the mothers permission, but they never asked for proof at the time, never asked any questions the first time I asked for the certificates that weren’t sent.

Only now, since I was so naive as to tell the Rabbi why this was so important now, did the subject come up, nor did he ask to speak to the mother or ask for said “proof”.

Her mother and I can’t even communicate with eachother via court order, and she is so bitter that I doubt she would tell the truth if asked….

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