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My Dad is really Jealous of Christmas

Hey Everyone,

My Dad, while raised by two Jewish parents, seriously seems to be jealous of Christmas. he got divorced from my Jewish and Israeli mom and has been dating a Brazilian Catholic lady for a while. I am fine with him dating outside the Jewish community. She also wanted a tree in the house since she lives there. Makes sense to me since if she didn’t want Hanukiah that wouldn’t be fair. she isn’t super religious but she likes the festivity and traditions. But my dad got too carried away with it and I think I know why he hasn’t been himself lately.

Dad always seemed to be insecure about his Judaism. It didn’t help that both his parents were immigrants from Austria and Israel. they obviously wanted him to conform but I feel like that made him insecure. Like he always got mad at me whenever I said Santa isn’t real and American Christmas is consumerism at its most extreme. Also whenever we traveled in Europe he wanted to see every single church no matter how big or small. Like most look the same, they have a dome, maybe some columns, and marble statues. But the biggest issue is that he assumes “All Jews are secretly Jealous of Chrismas.” It sounds a lot like he is projecting his own jealousy on other Jews.

My biggest problem with some sects of American Jews, Is that they try to make everything equal and opposite to Christianity. Like we make crappy Hanukah songs like dreidel so we can be equal to Christians. The whole consumerist gift thing is for us to not feel bad about Christmas. And many fully Jewish families end up doing both holidays anyways. I really feel like American Christianity has been a big problem for American Jews. Instead of Judaism being independent of Christianity, many jews try to compete. Judaism is not the opposite of Christianity, it is its own thing. We don’t get acknowledgments for Hanukah at stores, only Christmas merchandise. Kids grow up jealous they can’t relate to their Christian friends. While not every Christian is responsible, due to this Christian-centric American society, some Jews, like my father, are get confused or depressed.

On the 7th night of Hanukah, we had a “Hanukah Party.” There were only a few Jews and it was mostly my Dad’s Christian friends and only a few jews. He had a huge Christmas display up with lights and elves next to the fireplace, barely any display of Jewish culture. He kept playing Christmas songs at 200 volume over and over. I had to explain to him that this is a Hanukah party and we are supposed to represent the Jewish culture and not a Christian one. He said that he wants to be inclusive of Christians. luckily he turned it off before the party but he got very mad. Christians are not a minority in America. So clearly he did it to indulge his Christmas envy.

How do I talk to him about this? He said I was being very mean for complaining about it. But he seems to be struggling. And it’s not his girlfriend’s fault, he just needs help.

I did my best not to make generalizations since I don’t want to sound anti denominational. But hopefully, I get my point across.

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