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My big day is Thursday, June 23

שלום חברים! I have posted on here before about my IVF journey. It started in March with what’s called an egg retrieval. We had our embryos genetically tested because prior to fertility treatments, I spontaneously lost two pregnancies early on. Everything has been going well since starting IVF.

The big day, the embryo transfer, is Thursday. For context, this is when the doctor (a reproductive endocrinologist) will take the embryo and “transfer” it (place it) into the uterus. While I’ve learned from this experience that every protocol is SOO different, my uterus has been prepped with estrogen and progesterone to support uterine lining. Embryos love that shit. It’s creating the perfect nest for an embryo to HOPEFULLY implant, making you pregnant!

I am excited but scared. There is such a thing as a failed embryo transfer, where for some reason, it doesn’t stick. I could still even make it to 8 weeks or whenever and (hopefully not) have a miscarriage. You’re really never out of the woods until you’re holding that baby.

If you remember, can you please mention our Hebrew names while davening on Thursday? Maybe it’s the hormones, but asking this is making me tear up. I ask for a healthy and successful pregnancy after a rough two years of trying to become parents.

Thank you so much.

שרה חנה בת רבקה רחל משה בן מזלטוב

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