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My best friend ist turning more and more antisemitic and I don’t know how to handle it

Just for context neither of us is Jewish and we live in a country with a small Jewish community.

So we have been friends since 7 years and all this time she was always very left leaning, I would say her views are very gen z but they were never bigoted. But a while ago she started spreading really weird stuff that kind of seem like antisemitic dog whistles like WW2 is talked about too much, posts on her Instagram saying fuck Israel with a destroyed Israeli flag or when we were on a trip she took a picture of a synagogue that always has to be protected by the police and she captioned it with “what a waste of money”. But now she gets more aggressive with it, when we were on a trip to Paris last week we passed by a group of kippah wearing men and she a 100 % serious turned around to face me and said: “If they always behave like this I get why they’re hated (it’s a bit hard to translate)”. This open bigotry really shocked me because we’re both minorities as well and she wouldn’t say that anybody else (She’s also member of a diversity club, that heavily promotes solidarity between minorities). And I tried to argue with her about stuff like that, but she just doesn’t listen and always brings the slavery argument. I know that she’s really terrible for these views but at the same time she’s so kind and intelligent. Does anyone now what I could do in this situation or if I should just distance myself?

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