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My baby is being adopted by Christians.

I’m just defeated. As if it couldn’t be any fucking harder for us, they’re giving our children to goddamn Christians now?

CPS removed her when she was a baby. I called them, I am not a bad mom. I told them that we’re Jewish. She’s a Jewish baby. She’s not actually a baby anymore, and she’s being adopted. By Christians. Who are changing her name that I meticulously picked out. Full of our heritage.

I can’t explain being Jewish to her. What that means to us. I just have to hope that when she’s an adult she wants to come home.

This is a whole new grief. I seriously can’t cope.

I don’t expect anyone will be able to relate to me, but maybe theres someone who was adopted and eventually came back to their roots? Or something?

I dunno. Wishful thinking I guess.

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