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My awesome discovery of Sephardic Judaism

I gotta be honest, I hadn’t heard of the Sephardic Jews up until a while ago, but it’s been a really awesome discovery and I just wanted to tell the story and share a couple of Sephardi-related things I’ve found.

Gonna start off by saying that I’m a (diasporic) Armenian and a lover of folk music in general, but especially Armenian folk music. There’s this cross-cultural band called “Collectif Medz Bazar”, it was created in France by people of Armenian, Turkish and French-American origins (how cool is that) (I really recommend checking them out) and most of their songs are consequently in Armenian, Turkish, French or English, however they have covered this song called “Yo era ninya de kaza alta”, and when I found it the Spanish-learning part of my brain was like “wait these can’t be spelling mistakes, plus their pronunciation is weird, wtf is going on?” So I showed the song to my Spanish teacher, desperate for explanations as to what it’s all about and why when I search for that song on YouTube, pretty much all the performances are by people with turkish names.

Anyway he told me about the Sephardic history and their language, I then listened to more judaeo-spanish music (because it’s really beautiful + I’m a bit of a language nerd so comparing Ladino to Castilian was interesting) and ended up making a presentation on that topic for my spanish class.

I just felt like sharing my excitement and some of the cool stuff I found on YouTube during the makings of my presentation, so in case anyone cares here it goes:

thank you for reading 🙂

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