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My Apologies, Rabbi Friedman Is More Moral Than The Hateful

I was a bitter critic of Rabbi Manis Friedman because I was taught about Noahidism by people on Discord, a website generally hostile to moderation. Some of them are incredibly nice and forgiving, but many are bitterly opposed to “heresy” which is odd because they don’t believe in the church anymore. I hope this community can forgive me for speaking awfully about a highly respected rabbi, as I was educated wrongly. I’m trying to tell people on Discord that he’s alright, but only one Orthodox server is kind of ok with him. I am trying to make Teshuva.

Rabbi Manis Friedman’s teachings are so awesome, no hell, just finite reward and punishment which is why I converted from xtianity to Noahidism until I was told that Gehenna is the equivalent to hell with eternal torture etc. I am in debt to Rabbi Manis Friedman, I hope Hashem makes that possible for me to pay back some day, as I’m severely disabled.

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