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My 24M step-brother made my 7 Month Old Jewish Son do a Nazi Salute at Thanksgiving

Hey , I’m not really sure where to post this so went with the Judaism subreddit… wanted to vent / get advice or whatnot and starting here. A little preface, I’m not Jewish was raised Lutheran turned atheist married a Jewish woman full Jewish ceremony and raising our boys 3M and 10 mo (current ages) Jewish, my family is fully aware of this obviously.

My Step-mom 50F had to work this past Thanksgiving so my Wife 37F and I 37M offered to host my Dad 65M and my step-brother 24M for the holiday, making the meal and all that good stuff. My Dad was playing with my 3 year old and while we were finishing up perpetrations my wife asked my Step-brother to hold our 7 month old (age at the time). While holding my infant son he decided to as a “joke” I guess to forcibly raise his hand in a Nazi salute.

Immediately my wife and I grabbed our son and more or less said “What the Fuck” to my stepbrother (in retrospect I wished I would’ve kicked him out on the spot, knowing how this would unfold) . He want off to another room and sulked. I went over to him and tried to get him to come back into the kitchen have a beer with me and apologize etc. so we could simply move on as much as possible and not ruin my son’s 1st Thanksgiving. He refused to do so and ended up storming out of the house just yelling sorry in a very sarcastic tone acting like he was wronged.

Over the next 4 months since Thanksgiving my wife and I have tried to reach out to my Dad, Step-Mom and Step-Brother. My Dad has more or less told me how it’s not his problem to deal with, how he just doesn’t care and my Step brother thinks it’s all a joke. Step-brother still lives at home btw.

My Dad has now skipped Christmas day with the boys, my older sons 3rd birthday and my youngest 1st birthday is quickly approaching. He seems to think that all of this is my Wife and my fault and that we’re blowing it out of proportions and that what my step-brother did was “in bad taste” and that we won’t get an apology since it’s “just the way he is”.

My wife and I are obviously very pissed about this still on so many levels and just wanted to I guess vent somewhere so here it is.

To add: My Dad didn’t even react to it happening at Thanksgiving pretending that it didn’t occur and also has since said since he didn’t see it happen acting like that is some sort of shield even though my step-brother has admitted to doing it

Sorry for the ages being a little all over the place: at time of incident my oldest was 2 years 10 months and my youngest was 7 months. They’re now 3 and 10 months respectively

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