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My 11yo wants a bat mitzvah – we aren’t religious

Hi all – as the title says, I (36F) was not raised Jewish. My mother’s family were diaspora Jews displaced in the 40s to Canada, and my mother ran away from her upbringing and became a hippy in the 60s. I didn’t have any connections to my heritage until my early 30s when I went on my birthright trip. Since then I’ve been trying to incorporate more Jewish culture into my life. My 11 year old child has learned a lot, and she wants to have a bat mitzvah.

My understanding is that bat mitzvahs are religious as well as cultural events, but I honestly don’t know if I’m even right about that. Is there anywhere I can learn more about non-religious bat mitzvahs so I can help encourage my daughter’s connection to her heritage?

Thank you all 🙂

Edit to add: there isn’t much of a Jewish community where we live. A small society (under 50 members iirc), but I have social anxiety and I struggle with getting involved with new people. I’m basically on my own.

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