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mtDNA haplogroup

Shalom!Long story coming.

Long story short.

Found that i might be having Jewish ancestry. After many commercial DNA kits found nothing (it must be mentioned that most kits show you 200 to 300 years ago, in some cases 500 years ago). I have done a mtDNA test from Family Tree DNA and my mtDNA haplogroup was J1c2o.

Is haplogroup J1c2o Jewish?

Long story long

I am not Jewish and 8 years ago my mother told me that her mothers surname (family name) before marriage was Samson which is Jewish (that was the name of the last God of Jews that fought with Philistines i think). But she was not, she was raised Christian Orthodox. I have to mention that she was born and lived in a village near Leova city in Republic of Moldova. So that got me thinking that i had Jewish blood running through my veins and explained a lot of things, like why i looked like an Arab when i dressed as one back when i was smaller in Halloween or why when i am looking at into an Arabs or Jews eyes we kinda connect with each other. So i asked her much more about. My Grandmothers father was called Petru Samson (Peter Samson) and was born in Leova, Republic of Moldova. That time that city population was half Jewish half local. He had a house near the doctors house which was Jewish ( his surname was Feinstein/Fainstein). My Great-grandparent fought in the First World War, after the War he sold his house in the city and moved to a village called Hanasenii-Noi. He had many Jewish friends. He himself was a kind of businessman, he was buying wheat from the locals and was selling it to other commercials that transported it in Poland. This business was confirmed later that was done only by Jews that time. At school my grandmother and her brothers were called Jews by the teachers. Her mother was always dressed in a black skirt and top white shirt and wearing a pearl necklace. Her name is unkown (Great-Grandmother).

When WW2 came they were not captured or prosecuted by the Nazis, my grandmother at that time was like 13-15 years old. One of my Great-grandparents Jewish friend was “genetically” mutilated. After WW2 where Rep. Moldova was part of USSR we don’t know much about it. My mother and her brothers never asked about that Jewish part (if she had any) because they were not interested at all. Now unfortunately she passed away and we do not keep contact with the other relatives.

I grew up in Greece were i was tough to be mostly anti-Israel/pro-Palestine. Me myself i was more anti-Zionist (ahhhh those greedy rich Jews want to control the world). When my mother told me about that surname i was shocked like woooow, i am part of them (Jews). After this whenever i started listening to Jewish music i was feeling a strong connection to Judaism, at the point that i was getting shivers/goosebumps. I started feeling Jewish and felt a need to return someday back.Later on my student years in Romania i was speaking to an old man that had many Jewish friends and knew to study people. He told me that i looked very Jewish (Blonde, green eyes, “red-ish” / blonde beard, back of the head and down my hair was more blonde) even my behavior was like Jewish (silent, always polite and observatory).

I started doing myHeritage and Ancestry DNA tests but found nothing. As mentioned i read that those test show you only 200-300 years ago. So i did an mtDNA from FTDNA in hope to be one of the four founding mothers of 40% of all Ashkenazi Jews. It has to be mentioned that DNA tests have blind spots, for example my Jewish ancestors can be 800 years ago and from my Great-Grandparent father. My mtDNA came out and my haplogroup is J1c2o which is not Jewish (i think). I searched through many studies and found mixed articles and answers. Some indicate that further studies must be made for a better conclusion.

I start losing faith and hope about my Jewishness, i don’t need to be halachickaly Jewish but at least to have some Jewish ancestor in order to justify my connection to Judaism.

I found recently a site of an institute/laboratory that is used by the Rabbinic Court of Israel for Jews and non-Jews from Post Soviet Union countries (to confirm that they are Jewish and not scammers).

My final questions are:

  1. Is J1c2o haplogroup Jewish and for the experts ones with genetics or science can you prove it through articles.
  2. Is it worth it to communicate with that institute/laboratory to give it a last shot? Their results wont be the same as MTDNAs kit?

I appreciate your time and responses.

Toda raba!Shalom!

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