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Moving into an Orthodox Jewish neighborhood

Hello all! So my husband and I recently purchased a house sight unseen, and we finally visited it to prepare for our home inspection. When we drive through the neighborhood, we realized that the vast majority of the neighbors are what we think is Orthodox Jewish (making assumptions based on traditional clothing and everyone out walking at sunset on a Friday). We have no issue with it except that we are worried that we may not be welcomed or that we may end up not having any sort of close relations in our neighborhood. We are a mixed race, non religious, gay couple, and just don’t know enough about the religious beliefs or social implications that could arise. Having a diverse neighborhood is actually very appealing and a reason we are moving (our current home is very non-diverse), but we just want to make sure we won’t feel like an island. Also, we are curious how this might affect future resale of the home.

By the way, this is a neighborhood in Cleveland Heights, OH if anyone is curious. Any insight would be appreciated!

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