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Moufleta help please

Hi everyone- I love moufleta during Mimouna, so I made it twice yesterday after reading over a dozen recipes online, and the dough looked/felt right and was easy to shape and cook, but the taste was not the same as the moufleta I’ve eaten. Mine tasted more like delicious white flour tortillas.

Does anyone know where I went wrong with the taste?

99% of the recipes I see online use all purpose flour, salt, sugar, and yeast for the dough, and then a lot of oil (I used sunflower) to rest the dough (I tried one batch resting for an hour and one batch resting for half an hour) and shape the dough in.

The only variations I think I could try are with semolina flour and then with cake/pastry flour. I also found a few recipes that don’t include yeast, and a few that include oil in the dough. There was also a recipe that didn’t rest the dough at all, and two recipes that included eggs. I will be trying every one of these variations until I taste the moufleta of my Mimouna.. 🙂

Thank you so much for any advice!

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