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Moses and the Rock

I was reviewing the story of Moses and the Rock and came upon three questions which I would very much appreciate elucidation on. Preferably with sources, but any answer is appreciated. I follow Chabad Orthodoxy (non-messianic if one wishes to know), so answers relevant to chassidut would be great!

1) Why did Moses, who we hold to be, at very least, a great tzaddik, hit the rock when he instructed to speak to it? And why didn’t water come forth prior?

2) Why did water come forth when he hit the rock, when he wasn’t meant to do so?

3) Why was Moses punished after being so incredibly sorrowful for his actions and praying so deeply for forgiveness? I have been taught that when one does complete tshuvah with love that ones sins are elevated and forgiven. I do not mean to question Moses, who is far greater than I can even know, but this would seem to indicate that his tshuva was not complete, which I would instinctively believe is not the case.

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