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More dating advice please

If I am looking to commit to a life of observance and Torah, how do I go about finding my Shidduch. I am in the giur lechumra process right now, but I want to find a wife very soon. I am 22. I want to have kids by 26 BZH. I recently met a nice Jewish girl online who lives about 3 hours away ish. She is not fully observant but she wants to be religious she says and is working on her observance. I think that she would be an amazing match for me and we are going to go on a date soon (no physical intimacy). I already told her I’m Orthodox and that’s how I want to raise my kids. Obviously, I can’t be for certain this is my match, but I felt a strong connection to her. I want to get married so bad already because it’s hard at this age to not have a wife and to be able to be active in a physical sense. Any advice?

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