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Modern Sephardi here – is it OK to end Passover "early" in order to do Mimouna with the kids?

So looking for opinions, thoughts and prevous experience with this.

I’m a non-shomer Sephardi in Canada who does Shabbat dinner and holidays; I eat mostly kosher at Passover. One of the things I look forward to the most in the year is Mimouna, and it’s something that I want to impart to my young school-aged kids. We usually just do something at home with music, pastries and close family, not the traditional house-hop.

But Passover frickin’ ends at like 9pm! AITBJ (heh) if I end Passover “early” so I can participate with the kids instead of still eating matzah until their bedtime while everyone else wolfs down pastries?

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