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Modern Orthodox conversion in Mexico City?


I’m a Conservative/Masorti convert and just moved to Mexico City to apply for college (I’m 23). My conversion was two years ago in the US, but I’ve been considering joining a Modern Orthodox community due to my level of observance. I wasn’t really sure if Orthodox rabbis do conversions in Mexico as I learned somewhere that Orthodox conversions are not allowed to take place in Argentina (Latin America’s largest Jewish community).

I did contact a local Orthodox rabbi about visiting a shul, but he only apologized and said he couldn’t do much to help me. I’m not sure how/if I should be persistent since I know about rejecting someone 3 times if they ask to convert, but I also don’t want to be rude. Apart from that, I guess I could just be patient with my observance and only go to Conservative places for Shabbos, etc. Is anyone on here in Mexico and have relevant info on the Orthodox community or the Jewish community in general? I understand if some places are still closed due to Covid.

TL;DR Conservative convert looking for info on joining a Modern Orthodox community in Mexico City.

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