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Mod Announcement: Potential r/Judaism Virtual Conference


The admin run sub, r/CommunityFunds opened up a round of applications to get grants for communities like our to do stuff. Somehow my idea of doing a virtual r/Judaism conference was not shut down right away! I have been asked for details, and now I have been told to start getting ideas of what a budget would include, speakers I want, and a timeline for such a conference. It might happen! Honestly the idea gets me so excited I want to do this regardless, but having funds to advertise, pay any hosting fees, and most importantly, speaker fees, makes it so much more feasible.

While I luckily have some limited experience with conference planning and budgeting, I need to know what you all would want from such a virtual conference. I have my own ideas as for a structure, but your ideas are just as important. What panels should we have? What speakers should we invite? Any good side activities? Ideas for events? Places to host the virtual conference? (I am leaning towards discord, but I am open to suggestions). What I do know is that the conference will be free, and all talks will be recorded, uploaded, and free to share.

Your feedback is important to me, the mod team, and the r/CommunityFunds team as well. Give me your ideas, your thoughts, questions, concerns.


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