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Mizrahi in an ashkenazi world…

Okay the title was a little bit of a stretch. But i am of mizrahi heritage and was born in northern europe. I didn’t grow up religious or anything, more culturally jewish. Never really attended any synagogues. Now ALL synagogues in my country are ashkenazi, i think i might be the only non ashkenazi jew living here. There are around 10 thousand jews living here.

I have decided i want to be more religious just all of a sudden since learning a bit. My family is not interested in the religious aspect at all. Is it weird if i engage in the ashkenazi culture…? Because that’s the only culture that exists in the small jewish community where i live. My culture is way different when it comes to the judaism i know of. I speak judeo arabic as my second language. I eat middle eastern food. I feel like i’m more culturally middle eastern.

I think it’s because i have not grown up “jewish” so learning about all these things has made me think that the european twist will affect it? Will they even accept me? I might sound incredibly offensive so i apologise. Should i join whatever synagogue despite the traditional differences? Is it weird to be mizrahi and practise ashkenazi traditions? My options are limited.

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