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Mixed up identity

Kind of a rant but here it goes:

My mom is Yemenite Jew and half Ashkenazi but she is the only one of her siblings to have lighter skin besides some olive undertones and straight hair. She looks pretty white.

My dad is Mizrahi and half ashkenazi and he looked darker when he was younger but since then he has lighter skin and hair, just part of getting older.

I myself have light brown hair, palest skin you’ve seen.

I was raised in the Yemenite/Mizrahi community much more than askenazi, and I was raised with parts of the Judeo-Arabic language from my grandparents. My ancestors and family has lived in Israel for hundreds of years before 1948, and I currently live in the US but I don’t know how to identify. Am I really Mizrahi if I have pale skin, freckles, and dirty blonde hair? How would you identify in this situation? Am I more ashkenazi because of my looks? Genuine question because when people see my grandparents from Yemen and the Middle East they think it’s a joke because there’s no way those are my grandparents. Should I just stick with the askenazi?


I am thinking deeply about this because if my ethnic studies class where we are exploring the origins of our background, how we look, and how that affects how we identify.

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