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Mitzvot / Kashrut for other peoples?

This is an interesting idea that crossed my mind. Is judaism open to the possibility that God has detailed and elaborate sets of laws and rituals he would like other people to observe?(as in different groups of people to jews, other cultures / nations) Sort of like covenants for other nations. And they would be different to what Jews are expected to observe. For example, they may not be prohibited from eating pork but there might be other food products they are forbidden from consuming, and other food laws which are different to Kashrut.

One possible example that comes to mind are the elaborate purity rules for food that observant Vaishnaivas are supposed to follow (a hindu religion which is arguably monotheistic, but which is probably idolatrous by Judaic standards). I am not saying existing examples are necessarily covenants between God and those peoples , more like, thats an example of how it would look if it did exist.

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