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Missed Metonic Cycle by 1 Day

I was born the morning of Wednesday, September 22, 1982, which coincided with Yom Revi’i, 5 Tishrei 5743.

I was then excited to celebrate #38 on Wednesday, September 22, 2020, 5 Tishrei 5781.

I even planned my calendar around it. but as it turns out, 9/22/20 is Tuesday, 4 Tishrei 5781.

Digging further, it turns out that the math of each Metonic Cycle is off by 0.086 days, meaning that once every ~219 years, it’s off by 1 day.

Similar to being born on a Leap Year, the Metonic Cycle was off by one day on Wednesday, September 22, 1982/ 5 Tishrei 5743.

Accordingly, we will not again have a Wednesday, September 22 that is also Yom Revi’i 5 Tishrei again until 09/22/2202!

4,545 out of every 1,000,000 people are, like me, born one day off the natural Metonic Cycles.

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