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Minimum halakhic requirements for a shabbat shacharit?

I’m involved in a few different Jewish communities in the city where I live, including Modern Orthodox ones, but there’s no shuls in my neighborhood and only a handful of relatively nonobservant Jews. I’ve been speaking to a few other families about starting a neighborhood havurah, so we/I have somewhere to go on shabbat that’s within walking distance.

I’m wondering what people here view as the most essential ingredients of the shabbat morning service. This is not a crowd that’s going to be able participate with too much Hebrew, and we don’t have a sefer Torah or anything like that, but I’d like to shape the service in a way that’s as faithful to, or at least consistent with, our tradition as possible. What are the bones? The foundational mitzvot? Any useful resources out there?

And no, moving to another neighborhood isn’t an option right now!

Thanks so much for your help!

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