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Miniature Kosher Kitchen

Miniature Kosher Kitchen

Below is a miniature kosher kitchen that I created. The appliances are plastic toys, but the wallpapering, wooden moldings, tiling, and wooden cabinets for dishes, are my own work. The open window scene in the center of the kitchen was made from a wall mural that I found online, took a screen-shot of, resized, printed, and then pasted onto the kitchen wall. I also added the small light in the ceiling.

I took a screen-shot of a Manischewitz wine bottle, resized and printed it for the label, and pasted on the miniature wine bottle in the kitchen. Not that I care to drink Manischewitz (way too sweet for me), but it’s okay for cooking.

Rachel Rugelach’s Kosher Kitchen

I sadly do not have such a dream kitchen in my own house, but I do what I can to keep kosher.

Any helpful suggestions for my miniature kitchen? I don’t mind if they’re funny suggestions. I like to laugh. 😁

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