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Mezuzot & transliteration & kosher questions

  1. Just moved to my first house, not apartment. Apartments were easy, but in houses, there are a few places I’m not entirely sure if I should affix a mezuzah: laundry room (would this count as a bathroom and be exempt or not?), closet (it is technically a room but doesn’t feel right), garage (my instinct tells me that it warrants one but doesn’t hurt to ask). There’s also a little loft which is not an enclosed room/space, but there is a “doorstep” of sorts, but no door, needed? Any non-obvious spots I should consider affixing?
  2. Why do some transliterated words double consonants for no apparent reason? e.g. Shabbat/Sabbath/Shabbos, Hagadah, Hazzan, Rabbi, well, the list goes on. If the transliteration is designed to convey the pronunciation of words in a different alphabet, wouldn’t they achieve the exact same purpose with a single consonant vs. a single? My Hebrew is terrible but as far as I can tell there are no double letters in their Hebrew forms so I am genuinely confused about this.
  3. I don’t think I’ve ever stopped to think until today, but…. Why are kosher wines labeled as kosher for Pesach? Isn’t that a pleonasm? Grapes are fruits, not kitniyot, and none of the process of fermenting wine comes in contact with any… Would it be something related to the farms where grapes are grown?

Hope you all had a peaceful and joyful end of Pesach, enjoy that could beer and pizza – l’chaim!

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