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Mezuzah question

I am moving out of my ex-fiancé’s house. I affixed a mezuzah and want to know if I should remove it. My ex-fiancé is a secular Jew and has a bad relationship with Judaism and certainly with me. I am therefore concerned that he will destroy it or otherwise mistreat it. When I Googled my question the consensus was to leave it if a Jew was to continue living there, however it also said to remove it if there was a concern that it would be handled improperly. (Removing it was in the context of Gentiles being the next people to occupy the space.) It makes me sad to think that he may just rip it down and throw it away or worse. What should I do?

I intend to ask my rabbi, however this is an emergency situation where I am swiftly removing all of my belongings in the span of 4 hours tomorrow. I’m concerned I may not hear back from him in time. Thanks in advance!

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