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Mezuzah left behind

Mezuzah left behind

Hi there,

I just bought a property that I’m going to rent out. The previous owner of the property was also renting it out.

After closing, we went to check out the house and the owner (or tenants) left their Mezuzah behind on the front door frame.

Although I’m not Jewish, I understand the importance and sacredness of the Mezuzah. I believe whoever left it must have been Ashkenazi Jews since it was slanted toward the entrance and on the upper third of the door frame.

Is there a reason one would leave it behind? Should I take it down or leave it where it is? I actually don’t mind having it up there, but if it should be removed, then I’d like to do it in a proper way.

Thanks for any insight you can provide.

EDIT: For those that were asking, here’s what it looks like:

It looks like the previous landlord painted around it. So they left it as well.

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