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Met a philosemite (Holocaust mention)

He’s my uncle, I’m in the process of conversing and he seemed very interested in talking about it when he noticed me wearing a Magen David. I’m hungry for support from family so of course I welcomed it, he started telling me how much he loves the Jewish community. And then, in the same breath, said something I’m not going to repeat about the Holocaust. He said it while smiling like it was inoffensive and not basically spitting in the face of all the people that died, and of course blamed me for losing it on him.

I don’t feel comfortable bringing this up to Jews I know, I didn’t lose family to the Holocaust and it feels like I’d be harming them with this. It was so shocking I don’t know what I’m supposed to do in response to this sort of thing other than fight the guy. If anyone has advice or wisdom I’d really appreciate it.

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