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Messianic "Rabbi" coming to town- anything I can do?

There’s a church down the street from my house, and the other day I noticed the sign said “Welcome Rabbi ____ this Sunday!” At first, I was pleasantly surprised that the church was hosting a Rabbi for some sort of interfaith sermon, and I wanted to look him up to learn more. Of course, once I googled his name I found out he is not a Rabbi at all, but a messianic “Rabbi.” He leads an evangelical “Synagogue.”

I hate to think that the people attending his sermon will consider him a legitimate representative of Judaism, and quite frankly I’d like to say something about it. Is there any way for me to involve myself without being an asshole? Is it worth trying to respectfully engage in some way, or should I just leave it alone? What I’d like to express is that Jews do not consider Messianics to be Jewish, and that it’s actually quite harmful and appropriative of our culture and religion to claim that they are. I don’t expect him to fully agree with me and renounce his practice or anything, but I was thinking that there might be some value in trying to communicate this. Idk. Any thoughts, opinions, or advice?

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