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[Memphis, Tennessee] How is Orthodox Jewish life there?

I am looking to relocate in January 2020, and have noticed a large number of job postings in my area of expertise are located in the Memphis area. Moreover, the housing prices seem pretty reasonable, for the salary I would earn, within the eruv, and I am considering submitting my resume through the area’s move to Memphis webpage. I do have some questions though, and I would appreciate some honest feedback, even if brutally honest.

  1. How welcoming is the community to a BT/convert marriage? I was OTD for a bit, but came back (wife had an RCA conversion). Would our (future) children be discriminated against in school admissions? Would other kids, yes kids will be kids I know, treat them poorly and alienate them more than children normally do based on our status?
  2. How available are kosher food options? It seems that there is a meat restaurant and parve bakery there. How available is kosher meat to purchase, and similarly for wine too?
  3. Are the neighborhoods generally safe within the eruv?
  4. Anything else you think of?

Thank you in advance.

Edit: We’re Modern Orthodox.

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