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Megathread: Recent Antisemitism in the Media

In the last few week or so there have been a number of antisemitic and bigoted comments and statements made by public figures against Jews and/or Judaism. These figures include actors, athletes, and musicians. While we know this is not new by any stretch, the recent statements have garnered a huge response from all sides, primarily with respect to the social justice demonstrations seen around the world, and just the state of the world at the moment.

For the foreseeable future, please direct all posts and comments concerning antisemitism in the media to this megathread. These can include stories about celebrities or public figures responding to previous statements by themselves or others, new statements by celebrities or public figures, or analyses of the statements made. Any posts about these topics will be removed and directed to this megathread. (We’ve missed a few, but get most of them.)

Additionally, any racism or bigotry will not be tolerated here. Please help us maintain a positive environment by reporting bigoted comments.

First megathread on the topic

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