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Meeting my boyfriend’s mom for the first time at Rosh Hashanah dinner. Any traditions, customs, gift giving etiquette I should know about?

Okay so for reference on my knowledge of Judaism and my overall grasp on manners and etiquette: I am Asian, was raised Catholic my whole life, my family is Catholic and Buddhist, and was sent to Catholic school my whole life. I am not religious anymore though (Catholic school does that to a lot of people lol).

This is my first time meeting his mother, and traditionally in my culture when you come over to someone’s house you never come empty handed. Usually a fruit is given- something like an orange. Would it be alright if I brought a few nice apples because I heard that apples are dipped in honey and eaten? Is that offensive or a nono?

Is there any like things I should know? Any Hebrew phrases that might be linked to Rosh Hashanah? Any traditions or anything? Literally anything about Rosh Hashanah, I want to learn as much as possible.

I might be overreacting though, but I would just like to know as much as possible since it is my boyfriend’s culture and I wanna spend the rest of my life with him so I want to better know him and his family.

If I am really panicking, would it be appropriate to go to our college campus’ rabbi and ask questions? Is that a thing I can do? Is that rude?

Anyone please help!!!

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