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Meaningful Bar Mitzvah Gift

It is my best friends ‘s bar mitzvah, and I want to get him a very special gift. Both my son and I are going to the out of state celebration. I do not want to give money because I want to give something with more sentimental value. During Covid, I had a Star of David necklace made with natural stone and silver. I never heard from my friend about the necklace, so I don’t know if it was appreciated or not. For young men, what would a special gift with sentimental value. I went above and beyond for their first son’s gift because he didn’t have a Bar Mitzvah and we didn’t have to spend any money traveling to the ceremony. Is jewelry a good gift or is there something else that would be more appreciated? Also, if jewelry is a good gift, do you have a particular jeweler you like? Would you get a Star of David, Chai, or Mezuzah? I really want to get him bothering he will love and cherish. His family has gone above and beyond for us, and we consider them to be family. Thank you for your suggestions!

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