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Meaning/reason behind the full-head kippah/yarmulke?

Meaning/reason behind the full-head kippah/yarmulke?

This question is about a full head kippah which is distinguished from a traditional kippah that is usually small and sits at the back of one’s head. I actually quite like the look of it and was wondering (1) if there is any meaning or reason behind it. And (2) in what type of synagogue (denomination-wise) would it be acceptable and not weird to wear something like this. I have only seen this among Orthodox Jewish men so maybe I have answered that second question – but I just wanted to check if anyone else had any more insight or if any of you wear this.

Here are some examples

“Haredi Jewish men during a Torah reading”

“An Orthodox Jewish man recites morning prayers”

Admittedly it may be these men’s age and hairline position gives the illusion of a full head kippah. However, I have also seen younger men, Mizrahi and other, with these full head kippahs which look more akin to a Muslim knitted taqiyah – which is this:

Here is an example of a younger boy on the right wearing a full head kippah (kind of – it’s not the best example, I can’t find a better one unfortunately but I have definitely seen it several times before)


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