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Masturbation: A few questions

1) To the observant/orthodox men on here.

How do you cope with masturbation and the fact that in Halacha it’s an עבירה for men to masturbate, because its הוצאה זרע לבטלה ?

2) Do you deep down think the prohibition is ludicrous? Since in truth whether a man masturbates or not. Eventually his semen will be emitted because like urine. The body has to emit it somehow. So a man who does not masturbate or have sexual contact will have wet dreams. Already the Torah mentions this in Leviticus and call by the rabbis as בעל קרי ?

3) Do you think it’s even more ludicrous that non Jews can masturbate, but Jews have to have blueballs unless they get married. Since according to Chazal. The commandment of פרו ורבו was taken from non Jews, and then given solely to Jews at Mt Sinai ?

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