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Mass Effect in the eyes of the Law

So, I’ve been playing through the Mass Effect: Legendary Edition and I’m about halfway through 3 right now. The thing I’m wondering is which is the best ending in the eyes of Halacha?

Major spoilers if you haven’t played the game.

So there are 4 endings: Destroy, Control, Synthesize and, Refusal. Off the top of my head I can think of some things wrong.

Destroy: you destroy the Reapers BUT you also kill EDI, the Geth and, all other synthetic life. Presuming that the they (the synthetics) are lives in the eyes of Jewish law, that would be the unlawful killing of innocents. Though you would save the lives of trillions, you would also kill billions of innocents and possible non-combatants. Is the blood of one (organics) “redder” than the blood of another (synthetics)?

Control: The Reapers are sentient species, and the Control works by essentially lobotomizing and brain washing them. I’m not sure what the particulars of lobotomy and brainwashing under Halacha BUT I feel as if there would be some sort of prohibition against the mutilation and forced complete servitude. Furthermore, with this ending, are you fulfilling the divine mandate to administer justice?

Synthesize: This is like forcing someone to undergo a surgery, which though acceptable under dire circumstances, would this count? The Reapers won’t die if the “surgery” is done, so would it be acceptable to perform it on them? And similar to Control, are they facing justice?

Refusal: Much like the “trolley problem” by doing nothing, you allow the five (or millions in this point) to die BUT you are not directly responsible for this and you don’t murder the innocents. I guess this would be the “correct” one but it feels kinda dickish.

So should Shepard just “bite the bullet” as it were and choose whatever? Or which ending would be ideal?

And I’m not a Rabbi so I’m by no means an expert on this. I could be misunderstanding and/or misapplying these principles.

What are your though?

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