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Marriage question

I am not Jewish but I prefer references from the Tanakh.

I separated from my husband for catching him cheating a LOT of time, I even lost count. I never found out if he actually slept with any of them, he never admitted to it but he was a narcissistic liar so I could never take his word to heart because he had always lied to me. But I had reason to believe there is a strong chance he might had slept with others, like reading his messages asking for sex from other women and clues around our house (clean house while I was away visiting family, my shampoo out of place (we had separate spots for out shower things), and him actually admitting he had invited a woman over for sex while I was away but claiming it didn’t happen because she never showed up). All of these examples are separate events and not the only ones.

I finally had enough and left him. I am separated but not divorced but plan on it in the near future.

I just want to get some perspective on this issue to see if I am handling it right. He had other faults but non I would consider leaving him over. But all the lies and cheating became too much and was changing me into a person I didn’t like being (paranoid, afraid to leave him alone, resentful).

Thank you for your thoughts in advance.

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