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Marriage between American Jewish and Russian Christian ?

I am Russian, Christian by default, I do not practice my religion even though I celebrate major holidays. He is American Jewish. We met 2 years ago, I was hired as an intern in a law firm, he owned his own company in the same building. Lots of eye contacts were exchanged between me and him before he finally made a move, took me out and it has been a bliss since then. The only problem? Our religions. He wants our kids to grow up Jewish, I do not mind considering all my life if my grandfather gave us any advice he kept saying this is how Jews raise their kids, he admired them, talked about them a lot, so I myself want to raise Jewish kids. I am converting, I am certain this is very close to my heart and I can raise fully Jewish kids but there’s a lot of outside noise coming to me from friends, family, acquaintances. They keep saying I will never be accepted by his family and community even though everyone is nice to me. According to them it’s fake, just politeness. I want to hear from people who were born and raised Jewish. Are you really against converts and look down on them? Please be honest but not rude. My fiancé is not Orthodox. He is not religious as well but he is very much Jewish, his whole circle are Jews, he contributes to the community, all his exes were Jewish,etc… I know if he was against this he wouldn’t marry me, I just want the community’s opinion.

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