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Managing Mental Health

I feel so lost & confused right now. I am doing what I can & i have read everything I can get my hands on as far as managing life right now: I have put social media on pause & did almost from the jump, except a few subs on here, done my best to stay connected to those I love & support, donated, I have as of a fwe days ago limited my news intake significantly (I had turned off all news alerts several years ago), prayed some etc… still I have cried several times a day, every day-a lot of time from anger, frutration, not just sadness. But my big challenge is how do I manage my pre-exisiting mental health on top of this ongoing crisis. I have long been ablet to differeniate between situational and my other mood disorder but this has thrown me for a loop. I have remained & plan on remaining on my medication & dong my therapy. So far my providers have been cool & both even made room in their schedules for me to move up my appointment. I have a loving, supportigngpartner. But l want able to function through this chaos. I am disabled, so I don’t have to put on a game face every day and I commend those of you who do. But I feel like i need some extra gudiance appart from my regular therapy. I don’t want to wreck all the work I have done. I want to be healthy to get through this,not just for myself. My regular self-soothing things are not cuting it–except my pets. I was thinking maybe someone has a suggestion for a book or books, they don’t have to be self-help, or even even necessarily inspirational. Fiction would be OK I am not much for the corny, touch-feely –stuff & I really don’t want to read anything that is sad. They don’t have to be relgious, but if they are, I would like something more oriented for women. But maybe soemthing that has helped one of you through some tough times. I have always loved how we have be able to find healing through humor but I am not at that place, nor do I think anyone else is. Or hell, anyone else who is dealing with handling their regular depression, anxiety, etc on top of the war & the hate. I am a mess.

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