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Making Seders fun for little ones

Nearly 4 year old girl and a 5 year old boy, turning 6 end of July. Modern orthodox household. I’m the aunt and have said I’d come up with something fun to keep the kids interested. Last year, I made a giant “bingo” type board with pics from different parts of the Seder and they had to cover (with a sticker) the different things as we got there. Of course there were gifts if they got them all. The kids loved it but I think the board was ruined by the stickers. I want to try something new this year. Any suggestions? And it has to be something allowable in an observant home so nothing battery powered, no coloring, etc. I’m pretty sure they weren’t even supposed to be using stickers but the parents let it go since they were so little. Oops. Bad aunt lol. Thank you!!!!!!

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