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Making a cocktail for my orthodox jewish neighbor help…

Heyyy. We just moved in to a new neighborhood a few months ago, right before this whole mess started. So for obvious reasons we haven’t been able to really make friends with our neighbors, but I have been bonding with my next door neighbor across the yard and over messenger, she’s so hilarious. The other day she made cocktails and left them on a bunch of our doorsteps (including mine!) and called herself the booze fairy 🙂 Anyway, it’s her birthday, and I’d like to return the favor…but. She’s orthodox jewish, and I have no idea how to go about making a drink she could accept. I have no idea how strict she is on stuff, but I would err on the side of strict. Is it worth making an effort to get kosher vodka (what else has to be kosher? Lemons? Simple syrup?) or should I just abandon the idea, nice as it is? I don’t want her to feel bad about having to refuse a drink from me.

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