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Magen David

Ok let me start by saying I am not promoting any anti-semitic conspiracy, but sometimes I have to take a step back and evaluate things, and I wanted to know you guys’ opinion. Ok, I know that the myth that Amos’ star of sSatueb being the Magen David has been most debunked(personally I take the stance that even if the star was originally used as an object of foreign worship, that it was reappropriated to represent G-d, to take away all power from it as an Idol. This position is influenced by an article I read not long ago where a Kabbalist said that after the Sitra Achra is entirely defeated, the High Priest will wear a Serpent on his breastplate to show dominion over it), but does anyone find it interesting that the planet Saturn literally has an enormous hexagon(the center of a hexagram) on its surface? I’m curious about this because it gives me, admittedly, some slight doubts. Can I hear some opinion and explanations on this please? Thanks

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