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Mad at my teacher for trying to give me a quiz on Yom Kippur

Hi Im a college student in a really tough major and most of my teachers are really accommodating towards religious holidays but I have one who isn’t. I sent an email to her about all the religious dates I had to do but she didn’t reply. Whenever I try to go to her office after missing a day such as Rosh Hashanna or Yom Kippur she hardly explains anything. She dosn’t even post the notes online. I had a panic attack during Yom Kippur services at Shul and so I made a mistake of going back to class because I was afraid of missing the material. I told her I wasn’t supposed to be there and I had to go back and do Yom Kippur but I felt I had to talk to her because she wouldn’t reply to my email. She made me take the quiz anyways but I wouldn’t take it and I left. I emailed and asked if I could retake the quiz and she wouldn’t let me so I ended up getting a 0 for it. I felt like I couldn’t do Sukkot services either because I could’t keep missing the material. However whenever this other guy says he can’t make a class she says that she wasn’t going to have a quiz that day. She dosnt even tell everyone that they are going to have a quiz until the day before. I honestly feel disrespected that she won’t recognize our holidays and feel discriminated against. I was going to talk to the Office of dean of students.

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