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M4F – Looking for someone

M4F - Looking for someone

I am Brazilian-Swedish, love music and psychology (play instruments and listen to at least one audiobook per week). I dont mind to be a homebody (cooking, watching series, talking), but also love walking, beaches and traveling. Hold 2 degrees (History and Business Psychology), and I am about to start a master in Humanities and IT. Lovely and spicy. Prefer deepness, self-development, dialogue and hate unnecessary egocentrism.
– I have a Sephardic heritage (but my mother is almost an atheist, so I needed to educate myself about the judaism). I am not too religious despite having spirituality and believing in something. I love the Jewish/Israeli culture, research a lot about it, and would like to find a person from this background.
I left a 10 years’ relationship, about 2 years ago, lived in 5 countries and will relocate again for the right person. I feel that it is time to settle down.

  • Both gifted and with adhd
  • Open for LDR. For me, love may be anywhere so, let’s keep open for it

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