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Lost? Where to start?

TLDR: for those of you who did not grow up religiously Jewish but are ethnically Jewish, where did you start learning the religion more?

I’m 21 and my family is Jewish, for the most part. However, like most American Jews especially college American Jews, I’m not practicing. In recent years , maybe because of the rise of antisemitism I’m not sure, I’ve felt a pull towards Judaism. I want to learn more and try practicing, but I never know where to start. I live in the south Jersey/Philly area so there’s a bit of a Jewish population but I personally don’t know any other Jewish people here especially my own age since I’m new ish to the area. I figured I could go to a synagogue but afraid of being an outcast due to never going there before AND not knowing anything.

I would love to hear anyone’s story who is or was similar to me, and if anyone is in relatively the same areas I’d love to hear where y’all went to learn!

I hope this makes sense, I can answer any questions necessary!

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