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Lost in my heritage

Hey everyone ! So I’m here to ask some questions heres the background info about me.

My grandma was Jewish born and raised her family was small and emigrated from Germany in the late 1920s to America. As told by my grandpa they encountered heavy anti semitism living in the American South and had largely abandoned outward signs of their jewishness by the time my grandma was born. My grandpa was born in 1941 Bavaria and we all know that was a bad hand.

His family did not make it out and was adopted by a Jewish American GI. He was taught Yiddish and everything but when he met my grandma they both played down their Jewish side to better fit in. So my mother didn’t go to synagogue but a few times in her life before she met her soon to be husband and had me. Then they got married and she converted my grandma died when I was five and I had only just started to talk to my grandpa about our family and heritage when cancer took him.

So I guess the tldr is I’m looking to get back into my heritage, learn about it and convert( is that the right word?) Back to it. Im just intimidated by how much is out there and the websites I look at are very not helpful. My location is Texarkana if anyone is nearby and wants to help! Thank you so much for reading this and replying!

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