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Lost in decisions

Please, before answering, read everything I have to say.

I was in a phase of not believing in G’d, but I started to realize that a life without G’d was meaningless. And before this phase of atheism, I was a Christian, but Christianity no longer attracts me, I can’t believe in this religion anymore so I started to research a lot about Judaism and I just fell in love, seriously I’m really getting into religion, I’m studying when I can at the sefaria, I bought a book about, I really want to be a Jew, but in the country I live in, conversions are not official and are seen negatively in the rest of the world, so I thought it would be better if I didn’t spend my time with these conversions here and focus on my learning alone, understand? But I would feel strange and uncomfortable and maybe even disrespectful to religion, if I went around saying that I am a jew without being officially converted. And I wanted a sincere opinion from you about this, I thank you for your attention.

Before you ask, I live in Brazil.

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