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Losing God in the minutiae of tradition

First I’m secular so my b if I offend anyone by spelling out G-d

I was listening to a podcast from search engine called “how it feels to believe in god” and they interviewed a rabbi. He was raised orthodox only attending Hebrew school and if I recall correctly went to a yeshiva in Israel for a year.

He brought up this point that really resonated with me basically saying that in the minutiae of all the rules of Orthodox Judaism ( I know it’s a spectrum ) basically he lost sight of God. I feel the same way.

Doing all these rituals like washing hands a certain way, which sleeve to put on first, how to put your feet down when you wake up, etc. This all detracts from the love of God in my humble opinion.

Would anyone be able to share in discussion maybe talking about how these things elevate your relationship with God? Thank you for your time and apologies if this question doesn’t make sense.

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