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Losing a friend due to conversion?

Long story short, my friend (my best friend) of over 10 years has been acting weird and potentially ending the friendship due to my conversion. More so this is happening due to me developing an opinion on Israel.

She is whole heartedly anti-Zionist and when I told her I was converting, her reaction wasn’t supportive or that of congratulations, but apprehensive and taken aback. The first thing she said after I told her I was going through conversion was “Don’t be a Zionist.” Then followed by a mini diatribe on how there will be real Jews who won’t accept me.

It’s been awhile now since I started my conversion but since I started, she had warmed up a bit about and seemed to be more supportive but as I’m covering a variety of topics for my class, I brought up to her my changing and developing thoughts on Israel and she sort of “blew up” at me and had an unsavory reaction. I was really surprised and feel a little hurt by it. She dated a Palestinian for a few years less than 9 years ago and I feel most of her opinions were formed then. But I don’t know how to resolve now that she’s very upset with me.

Has anyone dealt with this before or after having converted? Or just in general? It’s really sad. I don’t want to lose my friend. But I also don’t want to feel like having a opinion will push my best friend away or have her questioning my moral character and integrity.

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